You’re a friend so dear whose always near

So lively, so lovely, so cheerful, so wonderful

You’re the life of the crowd

You’re the life of the group

Always laughing, always joking

So exciting, so inspiring



Now you may seem so faraway

But in our hearts you will never go away

We may no longer hear you or touch you

But you know that we will always love you and will always miss you


Farewell our Friend

Farewell our “Brother”


(in memory of Ramon Christian Albarico)


Happy Valentines Day My Sir

On this very special day
I just want everything to be okay
I want to show you my love
and to express how you mean to me

You have made a lot of changes on me
You’ve let me realize of somethings that are more important than anything else
Just like you and me

I may sometimes get mad at you
but you never fail to say sorry
I may always expect a lot from you
but you never fail to surprise me

On this very special day,
All I want to say is I Love You and that you mean everything to me
You are God’s gift to me so I’ll make you stay

I Love you siR … c”,)

–Second Time Around in Camiguin Island, Philippines–

My first time to be in Camiguin Island is back when I was still a student in college, I’ve been there for field trip purposes. I haven’t fully enjoyed the experience because we are in hurry that time and there’s a lot of activities to do. Upon leaving the island by that time, I’ve said to myself that I WILL come back soon. And that self promise came true! Last November 19 and 20, 2011 I’ve been in Camiguin for the second time around. I was really very thankful nd grateful at the same time to have the experience once again. I’ve witness how big the corals are and how the fish swims. Snorkeling was the most unforgettable experience I’ve ever had on that trip! 😀


-eVeNtHoUgh iT hUrtS-

For almost 13 months of being in a relationship, I have been into a lot of things that affect me emotionally and physically. There are things that make me happy and make me mad easily. I must admit that I have learned a lot of things from him as well as he has changed a lot of me too. However, there are times that I felt like quitting.

There are times that I feel like I must set my feelings free and must move forward but in the other side, there’s something that just doesn’t allow me, and it is my love for him. I must admit that at first I am not that in love with him but as we go along together in almost every day, I have deeply fallen in love with him and accepted him in everything that he is, all the best in him as well as all the worst he have. I have gratefully accepted that he is the one who will accompany me until the day I die. But whenever we argue, I felt like I want to surrender and give up the fight for his love.


Maybe it is a wrong act but embracing myself for the goodbye is all I ever know. I just want to cry out loud and tell it to his face all the aches that he is giving to me but I just can’t tell it to him whenever he is around. All I have to do when he is near is to hug him and to show him that I do love him and to make him believe that it is true. ;(

-The Comfortable Stage-

In every relationship we get into different stages. All of us can relate to this, right? When love talks, perhaps not all of us would listen but definitely all of us can relate to it. When you get into a relationship with the opposite sex, I mean the boyfriend and girlfriend thing, a lot of changes happen.

If I am not mistaken, after you commit to be a girlfriend or a boyfriend for a person of your choice, you directly go to the getting to know each other stage. The stage wherein you ask a lot of questions to him or her, the stage wherein you want to know where he or she lives, the background of his or her family, in short, the time where you want to spend the whole day with him or her just chatting around. Right after you know well your partner, you were both ready to be on the dating stage. The dating stage is full of romance, full of spark, the stage wherein you always experience the magic of what you both call as “l-o-v-e”.

While you go on dates, you still get to know more better of yourselves. On dating, you now start to figure out his and her likes and dislikes, the time where you both volunteers to make adjustments in order to understand well each other with all the understanding that you both are entering a situation that needs a team work. After 5-7 months of dating stage, you were now starting to be on another level of your relationship, the “comfortable stage”. For me the comfortable stage is the scariest of all stages that I have been through in a relationship. Why? I’m scared because it’s the time of your relationship that you feel some boredom, the feeling that you both are getting insensitive with each other just because you’re too comfortable with each other’s company. You’re too confident that you will no longer hurt your partner when you throw jokes, you are very sure of yourself that you won’t think before you act of a certain thing.

Being comfortable with each other is not actually that bad, when you are already comfortable with him or her it only means that you both settle on each other’s bad and good sides. However, getting comfortable with each other leads to boredom because you feel like your relationship is already on a daily routine basis wherein you already know what will happen next and what will happen after. There’s no more adventure, no more explosions, no more surprises. In short, the sweetness is no longer there. I don’t know how long the comfortable stage will last for and what’s after that stage, but one thing is for sure, both should make a way to erase the boredom on this said stage on your relationship. A team work is a must.


It’s really hard to show everybody how you FEEL, scared of letting them know whats bothering you.

Sometimes, LYING would be an excellent remedy to overshadow the TEARS from your eyes.

You hide the pain by SMILING, you hide the tears by LAUGHING and you hide the sadness by LYING.

Sometimes, you just want to trade your life just to experience a minute of HAPPINESS that will really CHANGE everything.

But that’s what makes it IRONIC, the more you seek for that HAPPINESS, the more you LOSE it.

However, if you practice all of these things then maybe, you will get used to it…I could get use to it…PERHAPS….

Are you Taken for Granted?

Have you felt like you are taken for granted? Well, if you are confused of what trully is this feeling about, I can share some information with you here on this post.

On an online dictionary, they define the phrase “taken for granted” as an evident without having any proof of argument. We can also call this feeling as an axiomatic truth where in we hold this truth to be self evident.

Every once in a while in this life, almost of us have experience to be taken for granted. This feeling is not brought by individuals or persons who are not close to us but by those individuals that are truly close to our hearts, our parents, our relatives and by our partners. It is fine if you are taken for granted once, but if it keeps on recurring and done by the same person, well, it is not already good cause it’s hurting you already. Most of the time we feel this feeling on our partners, its when you think you have given all the best that you’ve got but still he or she doesn’t appreciate the things that you do or don’t give back enough attention in return. You could also feel this when you have already observe and notice that you were always there for your partner but you on your own don’t know when will he or she be available for you. You are already taken for granted when sometimes you feel him and sometimes you don’t, just as the quote “now you see, now you don’t” says. If you’ve got a feeling that your partner have taken advantage of you, use you for his own benefits and dump you whenever he or she doesn’t need you, well, you are already taken for granted then.

On my own perception, there is no proven solution for this issue. I can say that you must know and understand first the very reason why he or she is taking you for granted. If ever he or she have fall out of love to you, then you can set him free and never tie him on you, because it is not enough that you love him alone, he or she should love you back the way you want it to be. You should  not worry because you are not being selfish, you are just being true to yourself.